The Smart Woman's Guide To Dating & Relationships: Spiritual Principles To Live By Until You Get A Ring On It

 THE SMART WOMAN’S GUIDE is a spiritual road map to dating and relationships for the modern Christian single, that starts with personal accountability and ends with the author and finisher of our faith!

Relationship expert Nadiyah H. helps you to unapologetically stand on the promises of God to unleash a new, powerful vision for your love life and your relationships.

Nadiyah provides no non-sense, witty and fun spirited, relatable, real world insight that will leave you with an unshakable confidence and inspiration when it comes to your love life. You will never look at dating and relationships the same!



"Great read! It was an easy read, yet one of the most powerful and informative books I’ve ever read! I wish I had read this before I got married but am still able to implement this not only in my marriage, but also in my friendships!!" S. Hendersen-

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"This book has drastically changed my views on dating. I have been doing it wrong this entire time lol. My mind is BLOWN! Nadiyah, thank you SO much for being obedient to God and writing this book. This book is guaranteed to change the lives of MANY!!! God bless you!!!!!" T. Ford-


"This book is absolutely outstanding and very insightful. As a woman, wife and mother, and having a Christian background there is nothing more important than keeping our values according to GOD's plan for us. I will definitely be purchasing a couple of copies for my younger sisters who are currently in college. Finally, an outline a woman can apply, instead of conforming to society's expectations!" Love it! S. De Leon-

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